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Private Equity FD Profiling

If an FD appointment is important to you, why leave it to chance?

Private Equity FD Profiling

FD Recruit’s extensive network gives you access to the UK’s most experienced and successful Private Equity Finance Directors.

As part of our service every one of our candidates is always fully reference checked to ensure they have a proven track record of delivery within a private equity environment before being short-listed.

But we don’t stop there, we can go one step further by providing you with professional personality profiling too.

Profiling is a key part of any successful recruitment process and a reliable indicator of how candidates are likely to fit within your organisation and your management team.

Our Profiling Partnership with Diligencia

FD Recruit have partnered with Diligencia LLP (Diligencia) to provide this important and valuable service.

Diligencia has over 15 years’ experience in board level private equity personality profiling, supporting management due diligence, assessment and development, and selection and recruitment.

In addition, they have built a substantial library of senior private equity business role profiles, including finance director and Chief Finance Officer.

With their unique research and insight they are able to predict how managers might interact and perform over a sustained period — helping you to create the right management chemistry within your organisation.

You can use Diligencia’s profiling techniques as an aid to short-listing appropriate candidates for interview or as part of your final analysis before making an appointment.

Profiling by Diligencia is a cost-effective and proven route to improved recruitment decisions, and it reduces the risk of expensive failed appointments.

To find out more about how profiling can work for your organisation then speak to your local FD Recruit consultant today.