Finance Director Salary Guide 2024 | UK Data by Region and Size

Finance Director Salary Guide

Our comprehensive salary survey has been put together to help companies or candidates decide what the market rate is for a Finance Director within 53 UK regions.

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UK Finance Director Salary Guide

Our FD Salary Guide is pivotal for those looking to gauge the average Finance Director salary in the UK, providing invaluable insights into compensation trends.

It has been put together to help companies or candidates decide what the market rate is for a Finance Director within 53 UK regions. For larger businesses, please see our CFO salary guide.

Understanding the Average Finance Director Salary in the UK

When deciding what salary to expect, it is a good idea to seek expert advice from a specialist FD or CFO recruitment professional who will be able to advise on any latest trends.

The Finance Director salary guide is just that (a guide) and when deciding your salary expectations there are many factors to take into account. Such factors can be:

  • Sector, some industries pay more than others
  • Exact geographical location of the role within the region
  • Overall calibre of candidate required for the position
  • Shortage or oversupply of candidates
  • Prior experience in a similar role
  • Qualifications of the candidates
  • Whether the candidate is being enticed from their existing position
  • Additional benefits on offer
  • Certain additional personality traits
  • Personal salary expectations of a particular candidate

Our UK Finance Director Salary Guide, split into 53 regions and tailored to offer insights into the average Finance Director salary or Director of Finance Salary (DoF), can be downloaded via the link below.

Typical Benefits and Factors Influencing UK Finance Director Salaries

Benefits for an FD usually vary but, on the whole, include car, contributory pension, healthcare, and bonus. Factors that will affect individual results will be: years of experience, qualifications, variations within a region, and individual organisational complexities.

The results are to be used as a guide only and specialist advice should be taken on an individual basis.

Finance Director Salaries – Industry Variations

Our survey presents average salaries by company size, collating data from Finance Directors across various sectors. This segmentation allows for a nuanced understanding of the Financial Director salary UK market.

The top contributing Financial Director salary sectors in the UK are: Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Commodities, Financial Services, Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Media, Professional Services (Legal, PR & Marketing), Technology & IT, Transport, Service Sector, Leisure & Hospitality, Retail, E-Commerce & Apparel, Manufacturing & Engineering, Construction, Distribution & Logistics, Travel, Waste & Recycling, Charities & Not for Profit and Public Sector.

In addition to the Finance Director salary guide download, we have sector-specific insights and averages. If you are a client placing your vacancy with us, we would be more than happy to discuss industry-specific salary variations.

Video: Finance Director & CFO Salary Guide

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In our UK Finance Director Salary Guide, you will find the latest data for 53 UK regions and cities including:

Finance Director Salary London
Finance Director Salary Manchester
Finance Director Salary Birmingham
Finance Director Salary Leeds
Finance Director Salary Liverpool
Finance Director Salary Sheffield
Finance Director Salary Edinburgh
Finance Director Salary Glasgow
Finance Director Salary Cardiff
Finance Director Salary Bristol
Finance Director Salary Nottingham
Finance Director Salary Newcastle

Discover what businesses are paying Finance Directors based on size and location

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