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We only recruit CFOs & FDs. We spend all day every day in the FD community and as a result our Finance Director network is unrivalled.

Finance Director Services

Every organisation needs to feel confident that they have exceptional financial management at all times. Recruiting a new Finance Director can be viewed as an expensive overhead; but a good Finance Director will pay for themselves several times over.

Over the last few years, through a tough economic climate, the Finance Director position has diversified. The role now carries a range of responsibilities and opportunities extending far beyond its traditional finance functions.

The grey “bean counter” of yesteryear is on the way out, being replaced by a leader, strategist, relationship manager, coach and communicator; an individual who intuitively understands risks.

The ‘softer’ skills are crucial now as well, especially by those who see the post as a stepping stone to the top of a company. To many, stakeholder communication and relationship management skills are almost as highly valued as financial aptitude.

Our finance directors can add value in a number of ways.

• Identify which parts of your business make the most profit.
• Establish stringent cash management and internal controls to provide working capital needed to survive or grow.
• Develop management information systems to understand commercial and financial drivers of your business.
• Implement new or more efficient IT accounting systems.
• Risk assessment on new ventures, contracts and tenders.
• Find finance to fund growth organically or through acquisition, flotation or MBO.
• Establish credibility and financial structure to deal with large customers.
• Identify opportunities to reduce tax bills and bank or currency charges.
• Implement new accounting policies, IFRS & overseas accounting procedures.
• Utilise general management skills to get through periods of change and deputise for the MD / CEO.

Our sector specialists cover: Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Service Sector, Financial Services, Utilities & Energy, Professional Services, Waste & Environmental, Leisure & Hospitality, Technology, IT & Telecoms, Media & Creative Services and Biotech & pharmaceuticals.

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