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CFO Salary Guide

Our salary survey has been put together in order to help companies or candidates decide what the market rate is for a CFO within 53 UK regions.

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UK CFO Salary Guide

For an accurate benchmark of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) salaries in the UK, it’s essential to seek guidance from specialists in CFO recruitment who understand the latest CFO Salary rates in the UK.

Our CFO Salary Guide is an indispensable resource, offering a deep dive into the factors that shape the average CFO salary in the UK, across 53 regions, informed by the latest trends and comprehensive data analysis. For smaller businesses, please see our Finance Director Salary Guide.

Why download the FD Recruit CFO Salary guide?

Unlike many figures published by many online job boards, our CFO salary data isn’t the product of a random internet algorithm. Our CFO Salary Guide is possibly the only guide developed through collecting salary data directly from CFOs.

How are we able to generate such accurate CFO Salary information?

We have one of the largest databases of CFO candidates in the UK. Using this (and our unique online candidate registration portal), we regularly collect data from UK CFOs about their earnings and the salary expectations that would motivate them to consider a career move. In addition to salary insights, we also ask them about the benefits they receive. This attention to detail allows us to offer the most thorough CFO salary guide available. Updated annually, our guide provides relevant, region-specific information for the UK market.

If you want the most organic and genuine non-AI generated data for CFO salaries in the UK, download our salary guide now.

Key Factors Influencing the Average CFO Salary in the UK

When deciding on the approporiate level of CFO pay you should always seek expert advice from a specialist FD or CFO recruitment professional who will be able to advise on the exact level of package you should offer to attract the calibre of Chief Financial Officer you require. The CFO salary guide is just that (a guide) and when deciding the CFO pay many factors will impact where your salary should be in relation to the average. Such factors can be:

  • Sector-Specific Pay: Insights into how different industries impact the average CFO salary.
  • Location-Based Variance: How the CFO’s geographical location within the UK influences the average salary.
  • Expertise and Experience: The role that a candidate’s expertise plays in determining the average salary for CFOs.
  • Supply and Demand Dynamics: Current market dynamics and their effect on CFO salary rates for the UK
  • Career History: The impact of a CFO’s career progression on their salary expectations.
  • Professional Qualifications: How academic and professional qualifications correlate with the CFO salaries.
  • Recruitment Context: The influence of recruitment scenarios on the average salary for a CFO position.
  • Additional Benefits: How benefits packages complement the average base salary for a CFO.
  • Personal and Professional Fit: The importance of alignment with company culture in determining salary.
  • Candidate’s Salary Vision: How a CFO’s salary expectations fit into the CFO salary landscape.

Our guide breaks down CFO salaries, offering a region-by-region analysis and including benchmarks for remuneration levels.  You’ll discover CFO averages and pay ranges within your region as well as the salaries for CFOs in both small and large companies (including FTSE 100 companies).

Benefits and Influencing Factors on UK CFO Salaries

Our UK CFO Salary Guide is split into 53 regions and can be downloaded via the link below.

A typical CFO benefits package, which complements the average salary, often includes a car allowance, pension contributions, healthcare, and bonuses. The guide covers how these factors, along with experience, qualifications, regional economic conditions, and organisational specifics, influence CFO salaries in the UK. The results are to be used as a guide only and specialist advice should be taken on an individual basis.

CFO Salary Insights by Industry and Organisational Size

Our collated data provides an in-depth look at UK CFO salaries for 53 UK regions. The guide sheds light on the complex salary structures one might expect in large, market-leading companies often listed on prominent stock exchanges, providing a clearer understanding of the average CFO salary in such contexts.

The top contributing CFOs’ sectors to the date in our guide were: Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Commodities, Financial Services, Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Media, Professional Services (Legal, PR & Marketing), Technology & IT, Transport, Service Sector, Leisure & Hospitality, Retail, E-Commerce & Apparel, Manufacturing & Engineering, Construction, Distribution & Logistics, Travel, Waste & Recycling, Charities & Not for Profit and Public Sector.

In addition to the CFO salary guide download, we have sector-specific insights and averages. If you are a client placing your vacancy with us, we would be more than happy to discuss your specific industry salary variations.

For candidates assessing their market value or businesses gearing up to recruit a CFO, our UK CFO Salary Guide is the go-to resource.

Download the guide now to get the most up-to-date insights into average CFO salaries and benefit from our team’s tailored expert advice.

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For Private Equity and VC-backed companies, see our Private Equity CFO Salary Guide.

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Discover what UK businesses are paying their CFOs based on size and location.

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