Our Process - FD Recruit

Finance Director Process

A typical FD Recruit recruitment process

1. Client Meeting

Shape the process, determine the priorities

Understand the unique challenges facing the organisation. Understand the role, the company culture and structure. Determine the skills, knowledge, abilities and personality traits required. Discuss remuneration, establish timescales and agree project plan.

2. Job Specification

Articulating the position and candidate specification.

Collaborate with client to build a formal role brief. Identify role responsibilities, objectives, performance expectations, reporting line, working relationships, preferred experience, core competencies and personal attributes required to ensure success.

3. Determining Search Strategy

Research / Headhunt / Advertise / Database

Perform targeted research into companies and candidates. Access and examine internal and external databases, online resources and industry contacts. Consider advertising in trade press. Create a list of target candidates and determine the best means of approaching each individual.

4. Attract & Assess

Approach candidates and qualify their suitability

Contact candidates with the opportunity and screen individuals against the job specification to evaluate suitability. Assess the individual’s interest in the position. Where a match is identified, invite candidates to an interview. Review the list of pre-qualified candidates along with the search criteria. If required, generate additional candidates using revised criteria.

5. Shortlist Interview / Profiling & Referencing

Assess and verify a candidate’s suitability

Evaluate and screen candidates against the job specification through in-depth interviews. Where possible, conduct preliminary reference checks to validate the past performance and where appropriate engage experienced personality profiling partners. Candidate confidentiality is maintained when required by an individual’s circumstances.

6. Shortlist Presentation

Identify the best candidates

Present a candidate profile for each candidate noting their academic credentials and career history. Each profile also includes an assessment of the individual’s strengths, weaknesses and appropriateness for the role. Client selects a shortlist of four to six strong contenders to meet.

7. Client Interview Process

Facilitate an efficient recruitment process

Client-candidate meetings are scheduled. Successful candidates move on to additional rounds of interviews, often broader in reach and deeper in scope. The client interview process often crystallises search criteria and priorities. If required, new candidates may be identified at this time.

8. Offer, Resignation & Candidate Search

Complete the search

The client selects the preferred candidate. The search consultant works closely with both the client and candidate to negotiate a remuneration package. The search consultant maintains regular communication with the candidate once the search is closed to ensure a smooth transition and a successful fit in the new organisation.