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Fractional CFO

Are you an innovative enterprise looking for the financial acumen of a seasoned CFO without the commitment of a full-time role? Our executive search FD & CFO recruitment firm excels in linking businesses with fractional CFOs, delivering exceptional financial leadership on a flexible basis.

Fractional CFOs – Strategic Financial Mastery

For insightful financial strategies, operational performance enhancements, or comprehensive risk management, our fractional CFOs are poised to lift your finance operations to greater achievements.

Our mission remains focused: to pair your enterprise with an impeccable fractional CFO attuned to your distinctive needs. We realise the unique nature of companies that don’t necessitate a full-time CFO and have thus honed our recruitment approach to pinpoint your ideal financial strategist. Our vast network of adept financial professionals is our key to unveiling the optimal part-time CFO candidate for your enterprise.

Fractional Chief Financial Officers

Entrust your financial guidance to our fractional CFOs, who bring a rich history of achievement across diverse industries. Their expertise is your gateway to strategic financial stewardship that drives growth, bolsters profitability, and adeptly addresses fiscal challenges. Our Fractional Chief Financial Officers are equipped to manage an array of financial areas with assured competence.

Securing a part time CFO with our assistance guarantees access to supreme financial expertise minus the full-time engagement. Our CFOs provide agile solutions, perfectly tailored to meet the intricate needs of your business, integrating into your executive team to offer strategic financial leadership and maintain an economically savvy operation.

Why Select Our Fractional CFO Services?

Choosing our fractional CFO services provides a streamlined and financially prudent solution compared to other avenues.

Tailored Expertise: We excel in aligning you with fractional CFOs whose skills and experience precisely match your company’s requirements. We cast a wider net, bypassing the limited selections of conventional consultancies to connect you with a CFO who truly fits your situation.

Cost Advantage: Working with us directly eliminates the inflated head office overheads associated with larger CFO consulting firms.

Dedicated Service: Our competitive pricing means your budget will buy you more consultancy days for your money or the same consultancy days at a more affordable price.

Swift Onboarding: We streamline recruitment, enabling a quicker integration of a fractional CFO, so your business can quickly benefit from their strategic insights.

Scalable Solutions: As your business advances, our flexible arrangements can be scaled to correspond with your evolving needs.

Our expansive network sets us apart, enabling access to fractional CFOs with deep-seated industry experience. We specialise in sourcing professionals who are not merely generalists but are specialists in sectors that span the commercial landscape.

CFO Expertise Tailored to Your Business

Our CFOs bring a wealth of experience, each offering a unique set of services. Below, you’ll find a diverse array of responsibilities that our Fractional CFOs are equipped to manage.

Core Strategic Responsibilities of a CFO

  • Securing financing through debt or equity channels
  • Guiding firms in their expansion via organic development or through mergers and acquisitions
  • Handling complexities of international trade, including import/export challenges
  • Steering organisational change and driving profit enhancement
  • Pioneering market entry strategies
  • Safeguarding cash flow in challenging economic climates
  • Strategising for business exit scenarios
  • Fostering relations with stakeholders and investors
  • Crafting and executing strategies for tax optimisation and stock option plans
  • Filling in for board members when necessary
  • Contributing to board meeting discussions and decisions

Direct Financial Management Roles

  • Overseeing the financial department to optimise financial performance
  • Developing and enforcing stringent financial controls
  • Setting and tracking financial targets through KPIs
  • Crafting procedures for the preparation of regular financial statements
  • Auditing IT systems to guarantee they support scaling and efficiency
  • Managing cash flow to align with business objectives
  • Identifying and nurturing the most profitable business avenues
  • Formulating and scrutinising financial forecasts and budgets
  • Collaborating with tax consultants to ensure strategic tax planning
  • Supervising the administration of employee pensions
  • Contributing to the management of IT and HR resources when required
  • Demystifying complex financial data for stakeholders
  • Coordinating with banks, auditors, and other external parties
  • Scrutinising and negotiating major business expenses

Our service is committed to pairing your company with a CFO whose experience and expertise precisely match your business’s specific requirements.

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If you are a business looking to hire a CFO on fractional basis, give our specialist CFO team a call. We would be delighted to assist you in finding the right candidate for you and your organisation.