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The Part Time FD Hub

Our Part-Time FD Hub has rapidly become the UK’s largest network of independent Part-Time Finance Directors. No matter what sector you are in or where you are located, we have a network of local FDs that can help.

Part time FD positions averaging the equivalent of 3-5 days per week

We simply pro-rata a normal recruitment fee by the fraction you require your FD / CFO. That way, you get the calibre of professional you require, for the amount of time you need them at a fee that is appropriate. In this instance, the FD’s will generally pro rata their equivalent annual salary across the time you use them.

Part time FD’s averaging the equivalent of less than 2 days per week

Where the time requirement is less than 2 days per week we recommend you look at a pay as you go FD. They will charge you for the work they do on an hourly or daily basis.

WE ARE NOT – a firm of FD consultants where the daily / hourly rate of the FD / CFO is doubled by the time you receive an invoice. We are a specialist agency that will put you in touch with a selection of relevant & experienced independent Portfolio FD’s. The Finance Director we place with you pays us a small marketing fee from their daily rate if we are successful in finding them work. This success based fee means there is no barrier to entry & no upfront FD membership fee, this has resulted in us assembling the largest network of independent Part-Time FDs / CFOs throughout the UK.

By engaging a Part-Time Finance Director directly you will be accessing the most cost effective Portfolio FD service that is currently available on the market. We can save you the quandary of locating proven FD candidates yourself – we will hand pick you relevant & accomplished FDs from our extensive Part-Time Finance Director network.

How portfolio FD rates usually work:

  • Candidates usually work as “limited company contractors” bringing tax savings to both candidate and employer
  • Most of our FDs can charge rates by the day to avoid hourly overtime for long working days
  • Our FDs / CFOs only charge for days/hours actually worked to avoid charging for non-working days e.g. holidays or sick pay.
  • Discounts are available through most of our ‘pay as you go’ FDs for regular bookings

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For specific rate calculations please see our location pages and speak to one of our regional advisors.

Call us today and speak to your regional area controller who can recommend the right Part-Time FD for your business.