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Interim Finance Director Services

A large pool of proven FDs who are available at short notice, can hit the ground running and add value quickly!

Interim Finance Director Services

Our Interim FDs can provide your team with additional skills to help you through activities and projects such as :-

• Raising equity or debt finance
• IPOs or Flotations
• M&A transactions
• Turnaround
• Restructuring
• Launching new products
• Entering new markets
• Exit planning
• Covering periods of extended leave
• Covering a gap while recruiting a permanent position
• Special project work or change management

Whatever challenge your business or your team are facing, we are sure that we can find an interim finance director to help.

Our sector specialists cover: Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Service Sector, Financial Services, Utilities & Energy, Professional Services, Waste & Environmental, Leisure & Hospitality, Technology, IT & Telecoms, Media & Creative Services and Biotech & pharmaceuticals.

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