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Interim FD Interview Questions

We asked some of the Interim FDs within our network what questions they have previously been asked in an interview. Here are their answers. Feel free to incorporate any of these questions into your Interim FD interview process.

Remember that interview questions will vary dramatically in a finance director interview. They will depend on the reason you are hiring an FD. At FD Recruit, we can help you with questions tailored to your individual circumstances.

However, if you are recruiting directly, below are a few stock questions that you may choose to use in your interim finance director interview.

1. How has your previous experience prepared you for this role?

2. Please describe your experience with strategy development.

3. What do you know already about our company’s financial success, initiatives, and business strategy/goals?

4. Why do you feel you are capable of accepting a role with this level of responsibility?

5. Please tell me about your experience with risk management.

6. What will you need from us to be successful in this role?

7. Do you have any prior experience managing employees/teams?

8. What is your biggest asset that you’ll bring to this role?

9. What has been the biggest failure in your ca…TO BE CONTINUED. CLICK BELOW FOR THE FULL TEMPLATE

Download complete Interim FD interview questions (editable template, MS Word)


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