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Interim FD Rates

No matter what sector you are in or where you are located, we have an Interim FD who can help! FD Recruit’s Interim division provide cost effective speedy solutions.

Interim Finance Director Rates

Hiring an Interim Finance Director through us couldn’t be more cost effective and here are a few reasons why:

• Many of our candidates operate as ‘limited company contractors’ — this is an operating status that brings tax savings to candidates and employers.

• We charge a modest daily margin

• Most of our FDs charge rates by the day so you don’t get charged hourly overtime for long working days.

• Our pay-as-you-go ltd company contractors only charge you for days actually worked which means you are not paying if there is any time away from work, e.g. holidays.

For specific rate calculations please see our Location pages and speak to one of our regional advisors.

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