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The Part Time FD Hub

Our Part-Time FD Hub has rapidly become the UK’s largest network of independent Part-Time Finance Directors. No matter what sector you are in or where you are located, we have a network of local FDs that can help.

Benefits of a Part-Time Financial Director / CFO

FD Recruit works alongside businesses of all sizes to find the right part-time financial director for them, offering a bespoke service to meet their needs.

Our team of specialists understands that a business does not always have a need for a finance department with full-time staff and hiring a part-time finance director can be the solution.

We work with many businesses that have a need for a Finance Director however not on a full-time basis.

Unlike other Part-Time FD organisations we do not charge the FDs a large franchise fee to join which is why our Part-Time FD Hub has rapidly become the largest network of independent part-time financial directors & CFOs.

If you would like assistance in understanding the finances of your business and do not require full-time support then read the 4 main benefits of hiring a Part-Time Finance Director:


Hiring an FD on a part-time basis can dramatically save your company money.


You can set out how much time you need them to work with you and you can change this from one month to the next.


We will always find the right candidate who has the relevant experience to work with your business.


We will work with you to plan specific responsibilities that the part-time finance director will be responsible for.

This may be to raise finance, and be involved in support or preparation for an investment; develop finance strategies; demonstrate forward thinking; and ensure that your business is financially controlled as it moves into growth.

They should allow you to focus on what you know best — your business.

To find out more about hiring a part-time FD, give one of our specialists a call. They will be happy to discuss your requirements, guide and support you in finding the right candidate for you.