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The FD Network

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The FD Network aims to provide finance directors and CFOs with a network of contacts which can be drawn upon to help solve a number of business-related issues. The FD Network is a collaborative networking forum.

Being a CFO or finance director is an incredibly challenging and sometimes isolated position.  Our FD Network provides FDs & CFO with a range of expert content, peer group support and a network of advisors to call upon to assist you within your role.

Being part of the FD Network includes invitations to our FD & CFO seminars, networking events and online webinars which mainly focus on peer group networking, combined with a mixture of career development and technical learning.

The FD Network gives CFOs, Finance Directors and future finance leaders full access to our expert blogs, technical content, members postings and access to a regional LinkedIn group of FDs & CFOs enabling our members to improve their effectiveness and further their careers.

Peer-to-Peer Network Events

We regularly run peer-to-peer get-togethers designed give FDs & CFOs the opportunity to share best practice and knowledge with their counterparts during round table discussions.  These events also include keynote speakers delivering insightful technical updates.

Directory of Suppliers

We understand that it is essential for leading FDs and CFO to develop partnerships with prominent suppliers who can help them achieve their goals. For this reason, we have developed a catalogue of important providers who work alongside many of our members to help them on their journey to success.


We host webinars from industry specialists on a range of niche topics. The webinars will offer FDs and CFOs invaluable insights without the need to leave your office or home.

Technical content & blogs

We regularly post a range of technical content to assist you in your role. This information has been compiled by a number of leading experts and market specialists to provide you with up to date industry information.

Who can join?

Any ambitious FD or CFO can apply to join the FD Network by emailing [email protected]

As part of your continued personal development then FD Recruit registered candidates will automatically receive information for the FD Network including newsletters, events, seminars and supplier directories.