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The Part Time FD Hub

Our Part-Time FD Hub has rapidly become the UK’s largest network of independent Part-Time Finance Directors. No matter what sector you are in or where you are located, we have a network of local FDs that can help.

The Part-Time FD Hub

FD Recruit created the ‘The Part-Time FD Hub’ in response to increasing demand from companies looking to recruit senior level finance professionals on a part-time basis.

In today’s climate, many businesses require strategic and financial guidance to steer them through difficult times or to help with their growth towards the next level.

Up until now, their options have been limited; ‘making do’ with less experienced staff, or paying for a full-time FD who may fill their time doing clerical accounting work. Neither option offers the solution of choice.

Employing a Part-Time Finance Director provides an ideal solution. If you are looking to move your business forward and don’t wish to pay a full-time salary, then look no further.

The Part-Time FD Hub gives you access to the largest network of independent Part-Time FD’s / CFO’s who are ready to hit-the-ground-running, and provide you with an excellent match to your requirements. Our local recruiters will provide you with a shortlist of suitable candidates.

What makes us the biggest & ultimately the best?

Unlike other FD / CFO Groups we are NOT a franchise therefore our FD’s do not have to charge an extortionate day rate in order to cover large franchise costs.

Neither do we act as a collective partnership or a professional services practice for FD’s with an overburdened management structure and a chargeout incorporating 30-40% of head office gross margins.

For FDs who register their details with us there is NO charge whatsoever. By having a free to register environment we can ensure our clients can access an extensive network of talented FD’s who are experts in their SME field.

By creating NO barriers to entry (other than a proven & referenced track record) we have been able to assemble the UK’s largest network of independent Part Time FDs & CFOs.

Due to the extent of the experience in the Part Time FD Hub we can offer TRUE sector specialists that are available both nationally and on a local level.

If you are an experienced Finance Director / CFO looking for new opportunities then please REGISTER your details with us.

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If you are a company who is considering hiring a Part-Time Finance Director / CFO then please call us to discuss your requirements.