Top Level Roles With Work Life Balance

September 12th 2013 | Posted by phil scott

Gone are the days where part-time employment is reserved for working mums or associated with companies reducing hours and costs – part-time roles are becoming an increasingly appealing option for both businesses and individuals, particularly in finance.

FD Recruit carried out a survey of top level finance professionals – FDs and CFOs and the findings about the long hours associated with the job and achieving work life balance is perhaps one of the factors that can be attributed to the fact that 25% of candidates we have registered are actively seeking part-time Finance Director positions.

The survey showed that only 30% of all CFO’s & Finance Directors felt they achieved work life balance; with over 25% stating that they worked 15 hours plus overtime a week.

The pressure to work long hours is reflected in the fact that 30% of those surveyed did not use all their annual leave entitlement and over half of them said it was because they were too busy to take holidays.

Whilst the volume of ‘out of office responses’ has been at its seasonal high these last few weeks as our network of candidates and employers makes the most of the summer breaks, at FD Recruit find that this period has often been a trigger point for individuals returning from holidays and deciding to increase family time on a more regular basis.

The Part-Time FD Hub is our specialist division dedicated to matching candidates looking for flexible hours and businesses needing top level financial support on a part-time basis.

FD Recruit Director Phil Scott says that no part-time role is the same and so FDs looking for their next assignment should not rule out these prospects.

“Typically a number of part-time FD roles offer the equivalent hours to 4 days a week or 16 days a month which can be delivered flexibly.

The increase of FDs looking for part-time roles
“Many candidates both male and female are looking for hours which accommodate the school run, family or care commitments.

“The other appeal of a Part-Time FD role is the variety; many candidates registered with us look for work on consultancy basis and perhaps take on a few clients to make up their desired number of days per month.

“At the other end of the spectrum some candidates are combining a shorter working week with other business or leisure interests and having already paid off the mortgage are able to take advantage of not being reliant on a full-time wage.”

The increase of businesses looking for Part-Time FDs

Over the past few years during the tighter economic conditions there has also been an increase in businesses requiring top level financial direction that may not necessarily have the budget or workload to accommodate a CFO or Full-Time FD.

Phil added: “Businesses can benefit from the range of skills and experience available from our vast network of part-time FDs and find the perfect match to suit their needs.

“We have candidates with demonstrable experience across all sectors and who’ve steered businesses through all kinds of financial scenarios.”