FD’s Continue To Work Throughout The Festive Season

December 6th 2013 | Posted by phil scott

With the Christmas festivities just around the corner, FD Recruit wonder how many FDs or CFO’s will enjoy a Christmas holiday without interruption or how many of them will spend the festive hours in the office or working online at home.

A recent survey by FD Recruit of over 300 FD’s & CFO’s who are granted Christmas shutdown found that over 93% expect to be working through the festive period.

Due to the improvement of technology and the development of online working, it is no surprise that many FD’s will continue to work seamlessly during the break without even visiting the office.  Even the Institute of Directors endorses the use of the current technology that enable people to work remotely as long as contact to the workplace is maintained.  FD’s are now liberated by the use of current technologies and no longer have to leave their home office to visit the work place to carry out reports or email financial documentation.

Due to the current financial climate FDs are pressured by the success of a business and projects or deadlines cannot be left unfinished due to the celebration of Christmas; they have to ensure that ROI is priority. Most FD’s or CFO’s are constantly on call or on demand. The Christmas holidays for FD’s or CFO’s does not tend to be 100% tools down and is more of a time when a Finance Director will be tempted to use these valuable un-disturbed hours to create strategical plans for the year head and set objectives.

Finance executives will look at holidays as free time out of the office and use those precious hours to prepare for events, planning management presentations and catching up with research. When FD Recruit has discussed personal time with Finance Executives they usually find that their office desk more than often extends to their home office and home life is frequently disturbed by work-related issues.

Whilst other professional occupations will be planning their free time around relaxation, FD’s will have an agenda to which they will be giving serious thought to how they can fit in some serious time in their home office planning for the year ahead.

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