Incentivising Senior Finance Executives

April 30th 2014 | Posted by phil scott

Survey results: The best FDs want equity and shares

A new survey of finance directors across the UK has shown that although equity and shares is a high priority, few employers offer it when recruiting.

The 2017 FD Recruit remuneration survey, distributed to hundreds of top FDs throughout the country across a range of industries, found that around two-thirds (65%) of FDs value highly incentives such as equity in the company or share options.

However, the same survey found that only one-in-ten (11%) of employers offer this in remuneration packages. The gap in understanding presents a huge opportunity to recruiters, said the survey’s founder.

Phil Scott, director of FD Recruit (pictured above), said: “There is a clear difference between what top FDs are looking for, and what they are being offered. Equity is a proven way to encourage motivation and productivity, and the dividends on share options are known to give tax efficient rewards.

“Knowing this, and looking at our survey results, it’s obvious that a company looking to recruit a top FD can significantly improve its chances of getting a higher quality candidate by including this in the remuneration offer.”

The survey also found that performance-related bonuses, linked to both individual and company results, was both sought after and offered for three-quarters of respondents. Bonuses typically made up around 15% to 20% of total earnings.

Pension was another key incentive, opted for by 68% of respondents, medical and dental cover by 81%, but flexible and remote working was offered to just less than one-third (31%).

Phil Scott added: “Performance-related incentives are a great way to attract staff, but the survey results are clear. Bonuses are good, but a share of the company – even if not control but at least a pay-out upon results, is highly desirable.

“Companies looking to recruit can use this knowledge to make their proposals more attractive and secure the best individuals.”

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