The appeal of becoming a portfolio finance professional

January 8th 2021 | Posted by phil scott

The appeal of becoming a portfolio finance professional

The appeal of becoming a portfolio finance professional

For some experienced finance professionals, there comes a time when they crave more freedom and autonomy in their careers. However, they are reluctant to relinquish the stability of a settled career. There is an option that provides top Finance Directors (FDs) with the opportunity to build increased levels of flexibility into their career while still having the security of professional stability.

This option is to become a portfolio finance professional. Many respected professionals choose this route as they move to create diverse opportunities and income streams by working as independent professionals advising and supporting several clients at the same time. Listen to portfolio finance professionals talk about their activities and the appeal of this career path is clear. For these successful experts, the rewards make the challenges worthwhile.

Why top professionals are attracted to a portfolio approach

For experienced FDs, one of the most appealing features of a portfolio career is the ability to diversify. Working with clients in a variety of sectors helps professionals to build on their expertise and cross-industry experience.

There is also an increasing demand for portfolio FDs as businesses seek to acquire flexible high-quality strategic financial advice and guidance. This situation seems set to continue as businesses face the ongoing challenges of the pandemic restrictions and the changes that Brexit is bringing.

In addition to these advantages, high performing FDs also talk about how exciting and uplifting the portfolio experience is. The accompanying challenges play a major role in creating this excitement, but they can also be difficult to overcome, so perseverance is often an important aspect of succeeding in this realm.

The challenges faced by portfolio finance professionals

One of the biggest challenges that portfolio FDs face is the requirement to juggle several different career-related balls at once without dropping any. This makes efficient time management an essential attribute. Many portfolio professionals find that virtual assistants can be beneficial when having to support several different clients and manage various streams of income.

Portfolio FDs also have to be able to explain their role and their USP if they want to be successful in attracting clients. This involves developing a personal brand and being able to explain their strategic benefit to a business rather than simply talking about finances.

In addition to being able to sell their services in this way, they also need to develop valuable networks. Doing so gives them access to opportunities and enables them to build their portfolio on which they rely for career stability.

Combine all of these challenges and it’s clear to see that sustaining a career as a portfolio FD is not easy. This is what makes it so appealing to several of today’s best finance professionals. The hard work required to build a lucrative portfolio makes success more rewarding when it arrives. However, that is not the end of the story. Respected FDs who want to remain at the top know that they need to continue developing their brand and building on their expertise throughout their careers.

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