Be Prepared For These Interview Questions

September 9th 2018 | Posted by phil scott

Be Prepared For These Interview Questions

Be Prepared For These Interview Questions

Interviews can be tough, stressful, nerve-wracking occasions. However, you can take a lot of the stress out of the interview process with just a little preparation…

While you can’t be sure of all the questions you are going to face in an interview, you can be reasonably sure that the following stock questions have a high chance of popping up.

Tell me About Yourself

In many interviews this is going to be one of the first questions that you are asked. Fortunately it is also one of the easiest ones to answer. It is important to understand what the interviewer wants to hear and why they are asking it. They are not looking for your life story from the time you got your first puppy for Christmas when you were seven. So try to answer with information relevant to the position you are applying for. Include relevant experience and qualifications and a little personal information about yourself. Answer in a clear, confident manner and keep your response brief and to the point.

Why are you Leaving Your Current Position?

Whatever your reasons for looking for a new job it is important to keep a positive spin on things. Your interviewer does not want to hear about how you didn’t get on with your boss or how you hated going in to work each morning because of your co-workers. While these may be the real reasons you want to leave, keep it to yourself. Instead focus on points such as the desire to learn new skills, accept more responsibility and embrace new challenges.

What do you Know About Our Company?

When you are asked this question the interviewer is trying to find out how serious you are about getting the job. They are looking to see that you have prepared for the interview and really want to work for the company. Spending just a little time researching the company, its products and any significant achievements and awards over the last couple of years will make this question easy to answer.

Do You Have any Weaknesses?

When you go for an interview you naturally want to focus on your strong points and not your weaknesses. So this can make this question a little tricky to answer if you are not prepared. One way to answer it is by focussing on how you have improved your skills in a certain area and ways you are looking to improve in the future.

So the next time you go for an interview make sure that you are prepared for these simple questions.