UK finance directors share their knowledge at specialist event

July 15th 2019 | Posted by phil scott

UK finance directors share their knowledge at specialist event

UK finance directors share their knowledge at specialist event

Finance directors gathered in the East Midlands this month to share their knowledge and expertise and provide each other with potential solutions for their day-to-day issues.

Finance directors (FDs) met at a networking event, hosted by FD Recruit, and was an opportunity for FDs and CFOs to discuss their financial frustrations and find solutions with the help of their peers. Meeting with people in similar positions to discuss the issues they face is an opportunity rarely afforded to FDs.

Workshop discussions between the FDs included important issues such as the advantages and disadvantages to growing businesses organically vs. acquisitions, issues encountered when dealing with large corporates in raising capital, and more.

As an example, challenges that were discussed included raising capital from large corporates included on how it’s difficult to agree to ‘fixed payment terms’ with them, and how they may not pay on time because of the bureaucracy involved with a large company. There were many solutions offered in the group discussion to attempt to circumnavigate this.

Prior to the workshops there were short presentations from Barclays on sustainable finance and MHA MacIntyre Hudson on employment tax and people cost issues and opportunities

Laurence Underwood, FD Recruit’s consultant who ran the event, said: “Events like these give FDs a rare opportunity to share ideas with their peers.

“Since most FDs are near the top of their respective organisations, it means they can’t get ideas from people in similar positions in their everyday jobs. These events are designed to remedy that. We have had a lot of positive feedback from the FDs regarding the workshop discussions for this reason.”

FD Recruit hosts events such as this throughout the country. If you would to keep up-to-date with future events, please click here.