Ashwood Homes urgently needed a Finance Director with experience in the housing sector.

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Client Requirement

Residential housing company, Ashwood Homes lost their Finance Director at a critical time and so urgently needed a new one.

Sector experience was very important to them in finding this appointment. They also needed someone with great interpersonal skills in addition to the skillset and the experience so they could be a leader and mentor of others. They didn’t want to waste any time because the appointment was an urgent priority.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that FD Recruit is probably the best recruiting company I’ve ever worked with.”

Nigel Parsons, Managing Director at Ashwood Homes

Key Achievements

  • With FD Recruit, Ashwood Homes found a great Finance Director after their previous one left.
  • The Managing Director felt it was the best recruitment company experience he’d ever had.
  • Sector experience was very important to Ashwood Homes, which FD Recruit easily provided via its vast network.
  • Ashwood Homes say they would recommend FD Recruit to anyone business looking for specialist finance experience.

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