Mini Clipper Logistics required a well-experienced Finance Director to replace their previous one.

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Client Requirement

Mini Clipper Logistics is a fast-growing haulage and logistics company. Its Finance Director was retiring after five years with the company. Prior to that, they had the same Finance Director for 27 years.

A local accountancy firm introduced FD Recruit to Mini Clipper Logistics having recognised the need for a specialist approach. This was especially the case given that, in this situation, the Finance Director was essentially the Managing Director’s number two.

"My experience was very straightforward. Our recruiter did everything we asked of them, and we got a great fit for our business. Going down the specialty route really worked for us. It's definitely better to use a specialist."

Peter Masters, Managing Director at Mini Clipper Logistics

Key Achievements

• FD Recruit worked with Mini Clipper Logistics to develop an understanding of the requirements of the company in order to provide them with a list of high calibre candidates.
• The recruiter understood how important it was for the company to find someone who was a good fit with their culture and also had commercial, legal, and HR knowledge.
• In line with ensuring the company found the right professional for them, FD Recruit put their specialist knowledge and expertise to use throughout the recruitment process.
• The recruiter helped Mini Clipper Logistics to formulate their planning and actions by providing several useful options.
• Mini Clipper Logistics are delighted by the way their new Finance Director has settled into the company and with their performance.

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