Euro Alloys needed a Finance Director to take some of the pressure off the Managing Director.

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Client Requirement

It had been a while since metal trading company, Euro Alloys had used FD Recruit, but from the start they knew they were in safe hands. In fact, FD Recruit originally recruited the current Managing Director, Kevin Rhodes.

“I was initially recruited as a finance director but have since progressed to becoming the managing director,” said Kevin. “And because I had first hand experience with them on the other side, there was no doubt in my mind that FD Recruit was the best recruitment company for the job.”

“If I had to sum FD Recruit up in five words it would efficient, focussed, transparent, specialist and connected.”

Kevin Rhodes, Managing Director at Euro Alloys

Key Achievements

  • With FD Recruit, Euro Alloys found their ideal Finance Director to take some of the responsibility off their previous Managing Director.
  • Euro Alloys had used FD Recruit before to hire their previous Finance Director who has subsequently been promoted to Managing Director.
  • Kevin Rhodes, the Managing Director places a lot of trust in FD Recruit, finding them to be transparent, focussed, and efficient with a wide network to draw upon.
  • He highly recommends FD Recruit to anyone looking for a Finance Director or CFO and would use FD Recruit again if a similar appointment is required.

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